To Live your Faith to Affect Change; Micah 6:8 Act Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly

Despite our deep sense of loss in our hearts that Ben is not with us on Earth today we ARE blessed!  YOU have blessed us through prayer, through your financial and volunteer support, whether through his Fund over time or his Camp, by entrusting us with your kids and with your kind words throughout the years.  THANK YOU!
So here’s what proceeds from Ben’s Camp has achieved over these last 8 years:
•    We’ve raised more than $124,000; which funds the $5,000 scholarship that bears his name, supports Grief Ministry in our community and supports charitable causes like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Wheeler Mission and more.
•    Coached almost 1,000 kids to grow in their love of soccer, improve their level of play and developed Character and Leadership skills.
•    Had the pleasure of knowing, praying with and sharing Ben’s Story with campers and over 40 Coaches representing 19 Colleges and Universities around the United States as well as HS and Club Level coaching staff.
•    In gratitude for the support of Mooresville HS, we made improvements to the MHS Soccer Complex and Program of approximately $25,000; and will continue to award the Ben Elo Character in Leadership Award each year.
•    Purchased 3 AEDs (Automatic Defibrillator Devices) 2 for MHS athletics- 1 for League of Miracles.
We will continue to go where God leads us; serving in whatever way possible.  Whether you donated money, time, gifts or sent you kids; THANK YOU!  If we felt like this was an event that fell solely on our shoulders, we would have stopped long ago.  Instead it’s been a labor of LOVE for Ben’s family and those we’ve come to call ‘family’ over the years. 
We invite you to visit Ben’s website…….to see a great video that’s been created as well as remember Ben’s life and all you’ve helped us accomplish in his name.   Website info for the Camp held next year will also be available.  We also list our Sponsors and ask that you THANK THEM with your business.  May God protect you and bless you for your continued prayers and support of our family and Ben’s Memorial Fund.  We will continue to share your generous gifts with the greater Mooresville Area Community