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Ben Elo Memorial Fund 

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Thank you for 8 Great Camps!!

Congratulations Seth Heitmannon winning this year's scholarship!!

Dear Friends,
 We write with a grateful heart to summarize the 8th and Final Ben Elo Memorial Soccer Camp.  We have always said that we would pray and decide year to year whether to continue with camp and this year we felt God leading us to ‘step back’ from Ben’s Camp so we could ‘step forward’ to new things!  He has also provided by allowing others to ‘step up’ to continue the tradition that has become great soccer training in the spirit of Ben; character, leadership, determination, teamwork and charitable giving.  
We announced our decision in the spring and have been deeply touched by many who thanked us for having Ben’s Camp and the blessing it has been to their families.  They appreciated the faith and prayer, the family atmosphere and caring we provided their children as well as the great soccer training.  But the most mentioned item was always the ‘Ben Stories’.  These were glimpses into what made Ben such a remarkable young man and were used to encourage kids to demonstrate faith in action, leadership, determination and encouragement of others on and off the pitch.  I hope if our efforts demonstrate anything it is that in any ‘valley’ you might face, God can bless you through it and to the other side; touching others with His goodness in the process.  It is an act of faith and determination to allow God to lead.  We always felt that Camp, Ben’s Scholarship and the Grief Ministry was what God wanted us to do; to demonstrate Faith in the midst of tragedy and the blessings that can follow. We hope we’ve been successful in that endeavor!  READ MORE


Ben Elo Player of the Week Award Winners!!

"I am the vine you are the branches.  He who remains in me will bear much fruit" John 15:5

Welcome to the Ben Elo Memorial Fund website, 

Home of the ONE and ONLY Ben Elo Memorial Soccer Camp where College Coaches from across the State and Country spend the week coaching  your kids. Ben Elo was an amazing young man of faith, determination and leadership with a deep love of God, family and soccer.  Playing for the Carmel United Soccer Club MRL team he achieved a lifetime goal of winning the U14 State Cup Title in 2008. Ben died suddenly and without known cause on July 21, 2008.  While we don’t know what caused his passing, we do know he impacted others in profound and dramatic ways.  The Ben Elo Memorial Fund was created to honor God and remember Ben in a number of ways: 

​                  * A $5,000 annual college scholarship   
                  * Character in Leadership Award,
                  * The Ben Elo Memorial Library and
                 * Grief Ministry to parents who’ve lost children.  

Thanks for visiting the site.   We invite you to learn more about Ben, his Soccer Camp and the Ben Elo Memorial Fund.